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Ladies Friendship Group

Ladies' Friendship Group is our Monday afternoon women's meeting that has been a constant in our Church for over seventy years.

The main aim of our meetings is to lift up the name of Jesus and encourage each other in the things of God. It is a safe place where women can find help and encouragement, and the Word of God is held in high honour.

There is time for us to sit around tables and have a natter with our friends, whilst enjoying refreshments before the meeting starts. We have bible studies, visiting speakers, we support our missionaries and other various ministries. If you are free on a Monday afternoon, please join us, you will find a great welcome and meet new friends.

Flourish Women 

Flourish Women is a movement of God to bring together women of diverse backgrounds, ages and nationalities to support and encourage one another. As our team have prepared, talked and prayed for Flourish Women, we have a sense that God wants to: Empower, Renew, Transform, Equip, Grow, bring Freedom to women in our church and to our surrounding neighbourhoods.

God is at work to empower us to become the women He wants us to be, and to give us all a sense of belonging!

Flourish Women is creating a space for all women to learn, love, care and support each other. We laugh together and have fun; we learn from each other, study the bible, and worship. 

Our goal is to explore topics that matter to women of all ages; like love and life; using our skills to be a blessing to others; leadership and being a woman of influence in our world today.

This is an amazing time and vision for women, and leaves us with a hope and expectation that God will do even more than we could ever imagine or think!

We have been so inspired and blessed by every speaker since we began at the beginning of 2020, and we would love you to join us, as together we await all that God has for us.

You can connect with us through our Facebook group on the BCC Facebook page.

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